Saturday, July 18, 2009

Could it be.....Satan?

I thought that the last few days leading up to our vacation out to Utah were going to be tough. I'm not gonna lie. We have 4 dances to do, a Youth Conference class to teach (3 times), a lawn to mow, laundry to wash, a car to pack, oodles of diet caffeine free Dr. Pepper to buy, haircuts to get, you know what I mean. But just to make it interesting, yesterday Beelzebub decides to get in on the action and kill my computer and my garage door. Youth Conference PowerPoint talk: gone. Dance music: gone. Cars: trapped (unless the Hulk comes and helps me). I gotta admit, he is good. Satan knows how to hit me where it hurts. And pretty much I just want to curl up in a ball and let him rabbit kick me until I cry like a baby. (Which I did do just a little bit of yesterday afternoon :) I know I am not the first person to lose data on a computer and I am not the last. But if you have a small moment, remember my sick and dying computer in your prayers. I would really like to get all my photos back. They are important to me. How else can I amuse you guys with thought bubbles and goofy captions? Hmmm? This affects you too! :) I will keep you updated.

Anyhow, we leave tomorrow! Yay! (Focus on the positive, focus on the positive) We are going to have a great time. I am really looking forward to seeing all my extended family, enjoying more time with Cindy and Luke, finding random things along the way to take pictures of and blog about, eating weird roadside food, touring strange and mystical gas station bathrooms... And we will see just how magical I am with my blogging abilities. No pre-published posts for my readers on this one! Oh no, my friend, you are gonna get the real deal; live blogging updates from computers across this great nation! You can take the girl out of Sweeneyville, but you can't take Sweeneyville out of the girl. Stay tuned :)

So I wanted to end with a picture, but, oh right- Satan stole all of mine. SO, since we are using a old CPU that belongs to Jacob's mom, I thought I would open her picture file and see what was there.

I found this oldie (but a goodie). It has nothing to do with vacation, but I am exempt from having to make sense right now.

Cindy was about 2 and decided to look in Grandpa's exhaust pipe. Nice work.

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