Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Road Trip!

Yes, it is true. The family and I are embarking on a big ol' road trip out to Utah in a few days. Really. On purpose. We are heading out for Jacob's brother Nathan's wedding in Salt Lake City and a family reunion down in Panguitch, Utah. So we are taking Rocket, our trusty Honda, and heading out for a nice 5,000 mile journey. AND during our trip out I have even conned Jacob into a side-trip the Grand Canyon! (Apparently it is quite grand) We will also be taking time for family visits in Tallahassee, Oklahoma, and seeing who knows what else along the way. Hopefully some very, very blog worthy adventures will ensue- I am always thinking of you.

So as this week has been a time to start getting ready for this little adventure, Cindy started to "pack" on Monday night. She was very proud and came in to show me. Here is her handywork:

As you can see, only the barest of essentials for my little nomad. Tiara, high heels, 3 bags within the suitcase- one for books, one for a stuffed animal and one for her swimsuit. There is a secret part of me that wants to let her pack for herself, just to see what happens- (and show her that 8 mermaids is probably not the best game plan for necessities over the next two weeks). But I already unpacked all her stuff, all while being watched by her flabbergasted expression at my utter lack of respect for her needs. I have decided that the official motto of motherhood needs to be: "One day you'll thank me." Which she will! (And it will probably be the second day on the road and she realizes I packed her some underwear. Yeah, I know, I rock :)


Karin said...

You are right. You do rock. I hope she does thank you, because we spent quite a few days far away recently and I heard quite a few remarks from two little princesses in my home that constantly wanted to know why I didn't pack this or that...C'est la vie! Hugs!

Mags said...

Haha, I didn't know girls were so opinionated on things like packing. That's pretty funny. Have fun and drive safe. :)