Wednesday, February 8, 2017

World's Okayest Runner

My knee has finally healed to the point where I am back to my old running self! Which means I run slowly a few times a week in the early morning hours and sign up for the occasional 5k without really training for it.  Just before Christmas I was able to do the Jingle Bell Jog 5k with a group of church friends.  I ended up taking 2nd place in my age group and turning in one of my faster times.

Still not enough to beat 9 year old Jackson Brown.
I'll get you, Gadget!

And two weeks ago I ran the McKeel Legacy Scholarship 5K.  It was FUH-REEZING cold. Well, Florida cold, so like 50 degrees with crazy Lake Hollingsworth wind and I almost died. But look at me!  I'm with "co-workers"!  Socializing!  Away from the school!

Some of my South McKeel family
Yes, I beat all of them :)

Jacob's soccer team came out to volunteer at the race. They were at the finish line cheering everyone on and as I came across I screamed, "GIRL'S SOCCER!!!!!!!!" and they all looked super confused at the weirdo they didn't know giving them a shout out.  Man, I really gotta go to more games next year.

Jacob, thanks for marrying me even though I have hair
 that sometimes looks like this

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