Monday, February 20, 2017

Running Skills, Treadmill Skills, Overheating Skills....

On Saturday while I was at Orange Theory, there was a man next to me on the treadmill that started the class wearing a hoodie.  Lots of people do that because they keep the studio very cold and pretty much everyone takes it off after about 5 minutes.  I was waiting to see how long he would last. Finally, he paused his treadmill and started messing with the jacket.  And then he did the most puzzling thing: he put the hood on and pulled it tight.

Ready for my 5k

(Which is weird, because he had not shaved off his hair the night before because he was really hot.) But then he kept on running and sprinting like he, in fact, did not just make a horrible mistake. Well, the joke was on him because he was gassed by the time we finished our 24 minute run and was almost dead by the time we got to the weight room. He was bending over and breathing heavy, and generally looking like all of his wildest dreams were not coming true.  I'm no fitness wizard, but seems to me that wearing a hood during an intense, sweaty workout is not the best idea. Next time, Pedro, lose the jacket.  Ventilation offers you his protection.

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Mags said...

Wrestler? Those folks do weird things like that.