Sunday, February 19, 2017

My, What Hilarious Eyes You Have

Usually we all go to bed at the exact same time around here, however, the other night I had to stay up a little while longer than everyone else and when I came in to say goodnight to Luke, I found this: 

STILL sleeping with his eyes open

And then I almost woke him up from laughing so hard.  And taking his picture 11 times. And then turning around and kicking a giant box of Legos.  DANG. IT.  Never underestimate my ability to find and trip over anything when it's dark or I am supposed to be very quiet.  Although, none of those things affected him one bit and I finally had to take the glasses off of him before I turned out his light. Apparently he got those in a Valentine's goodie bag that was passed out at school on Tuesday.  Let's just hope that no one ever puts a clown mask in those things.  

1 comment:

Mags said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! He should have those with him on roadtrips.