Monday, May 2, 2016

You Pick Parade

Surprisingly there are actually a lot of You Pick opportunities in our immediate area this time of year. 
Strawberries, tomatoes- and most excitingly, peaches and blueberries!  
We headed out recently to get some of the good stuff.

I don't think there is anything more Sweeney in all the world than getting up early on a Saturday morning to go pick your own blueberries and peaches.

I could do this all day.  But only for 20 minutes.

The peaches were amazing.

Well, it's not chocolate, but I guess it will do.

But just be careful, you can pick 11 pounds in about 10 minutes.

And you can also get your hair caught in a tree...

This is my DREAM.  I need a farm.

 And then the next weekend, we headed to a different farm to get more blueberries. (You really cannot ever have enough of fresh blueberries.)  This farm came complete with an old redneck man that tightly tied a bucket around your waist to really give you that migrant worker experience.  This was also the place where the man's giant truck (complete with Confederate flag license plate) was blasting bluegrass music.  And there were chickens the size of ponies.  Seriously, I think you could ride them.

Why did we need so many blueberries?
1. For buckle.
2.  For fast Sunday pancakes.

And smoothies.  And salads.  And for snacking.  And to make my mom uncomfortable.

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