Sunday, May 15, 2016


We got a hot tip off of Facebook about a family in our Stake that was having a U-pick peach day for $1.00 a pound.  Hot dang!  We made the 40 minute drive down on Saturday morning and found peach heaven.  



And then we found blueberry heaven located conveniently next door.
A nice older man had immaculate blueberry bushes in his 3 acre front yard and we got those morsels for a mere $10/gallon!

And they were the size of quarters!
Okay, maybe Euros.

 The good news is that while we were out there picking all that, KaRyn was down in Ruskin getting us tomatoes, onions and cucumbers!  Peach salsa, anyone?

I would call that a very 'fruitful' weekend, wouldn't you?

I kill me.

And good news, the U-pick pineapples are almost ready:

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Mags said...

I miss all the fresh fruit there in Florida. We get quite a few berries and apples and such, but I miss the pineapple and those tomatoes are HUGE. Yay for KaRyn to be around.