Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Cindy Quickie

Tonight we attended the dance recital for Cindy's friends Charlotte and Scarlett.  As the show progressed, Cindy would update me on the name of each dance I was about to see.  Since the theater was very dark, she was using the dim light of her phone to help her read off of the program.  As one number was being set up, she whispered, "This is called "Sherlock in the Shower."  I was immediately confused and then she squinted her eyes really hard and said, "Wait, no. Shadows. It's called "Sherlock in the Shadows."  Whew! Close call.  Modern dance was about to get way too modern.

Scarlett for the win!

The recital was actually held at the Polk Theater, which is a very historic place.  Elvis played here, you know.  It has been on my Lakeland bucket list for years and finally I can say that I have seen it in the flesh.  It is a very unique venue, and when we walked in and saw it fort the fist time, Cindy said, "Wow, I feel like this is where Abraham Lincoln got shot."

I was just waiting for the old men Muppets to come out and critique the show

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