Friday, May 20, 2016

Opossums Do Not Eat Blossoms; They Eat Chicken

So apparently baby opossums like chicken! Last night we found this little guy cleaning up the last remaining bits of the rotisserie chicken carcass I set out for all the neighborhood cats.  
(Seriously, if you want to see a neat magic trick, put a chicken carcass outside at night and in the morning the entire thing will be gone. I imagine if you had a hidden video camera set up all night, this trick would get even better.)  

Please sir, can I have a little more?
These were our respective reactions to our visitor:

Me:  He's ADORABLE!!! But he also could have rabies.
Cindy:  He's soooo cute, I want to hod it! Wait, what are rabies?
Luke:  He has a really long tail.
Jacob:  I want to know where it lives. 

He hung around for about an hour while Cucuface and Yoshi completed ignored him. They probably thought they would just get tickled with its long nails, so I really don't blame them.  Tickling's the worst.  Finally we closed the garage door and went to bed and when I came out this morning, there was no trace of an opossum anywhere.  Here's hoping he wasn't carried off by an owl!

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