Saturday, March 5, 2016

Whatever Floats Your Goat

We have recently discovered that the high school right down the street from us has penned four goats for FFA in the back of the school.  Which has lead us to to take daily bike rides to go visit them each day.  And, surprise, surprise we have learned that they like to eat! Pretty much anything we give them. Carrots, strawberry tops, lettuce, cabbage, banana peels, pepper tops, rubber bands, squash butts- yep, they really are like garbage disposals.  Okay, just kidding on the rubber bands. Just checking to make sure you're paying attention.

This big guy right here, who we have named Big Hero Six, gets VERY excited when our bikes come around the corner.  He leaps onto the fence and sticks his head through before we even get to the pen.

And what sweet goat manna have you brought me today?

Cindy also discovered that there are stinging nettle plants on the ground near the pen, hence the MJ glove and knee socks for ultimate protection.  Luke actually touched some on his leg the next day and acted like he almost died, so I am pretty sure the kids will feel the need to put themselves in full Hazmat suits for all future goat visits.

The other goats have been named Goldie, Oreo and Fluffernutter.  Is that supposed to be some sort of signal to me that my children are repressed when it comes to desserts? BECAUSE THEY AREN'T.  When it comes to sweets, they are goats.

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