Monday, March 14, 2016

Look Deep Into My Eye

So the other half of our anniversary trip was going out to eat at Roy's (a very uppity Orlando restaurant) and also riding the new Orlando Eye.  

The restaurant treated us very well and even had a special desert made for us.
Is there a more perfect desert for us in this entire universe than a single plate with pineapple upside down cake nearest to Jacob and a chocolate lava cake closest to me?
No my friend, there is not.  

Happy Anniversary written in Hawaiian and chocolate

The Eye is basically a 400 foot tall giant Ferris Wheel type thing that, thankfully, moves very slow and is air conditioned to provide maximum comfort.  
It changes colors at night, but we came in the morning to avoid the crowds. 
Still a pretty cool place!

For once, I am the one looking at the camera!!


We also went to the SeaLife Aquarium that was located there in the same building, but it was just okay.  They had some pretty cool sea creatures in there, but the approximate one million school children who were also there, were not as cool.

They did have a 360 degree aquarium tunnel, so I was able walk over some sharks, but honestly, this probably happens every time I go to the beach.

And finally, we hit up Disney Springs to go to the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop to order 
the most ridiculous chocolaty concoctions we could ever imagine.  
We were in pain by the time we were done, so it must have been delicious.

I completely missed getting the shop in the picture, but you get the picture. We were there.

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