Saturday, March 12, 2016

#Floridaproblems, #ACindyQuickie

Today Cindy texted her Aunt Brooke to see if her cousin Michelle, (Brooke's daughter), in Utah was available to play Minecraft together online.  Brooke texted her back that Michelle was out snowshoeing with her Young Women's group in the canyon and wouldn't be back for a few hours.  Cindy was disappointed but made other plans and went outside to play.  And then I found this on the computer where she was sitting when that text came in:


Kelly said...

This is Brian and I completely identify with this. Moving out to Utah was pretty much a constant stream of "Oh yeah... that... I totally know what that is." Two seconds later in my head "What on earth were they talking about?!?"

Mags said...

Haha! Florida cousin was just like this. Now that she knows better, she still prefers not experiencing those things, lol.