Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Throw A Studio C Birthday Party

Step 1:  Enlist your brother-in-law to create an invitation that looks something like this:

Step 2:  Plan your menu.  I was thinking of something like...



And to drink, how about some...

Step 3: Head to Party City and have a magical night of finding exactly everything you need for your own costumes- Juan who works at Cabo, Lobster Bisque and Shoulder Angel, respectively.

Step 5: Have the party.  Which includes, watching some Studio C on a projector with awesome sound:

Playing Mafia.  See picture above.

Perfecting your best "Poker Faces" while playing Uno:

Dividing into teams for some Studio C "Who Said It?" relay trivia...

 Playing twister: 

Eating some C-shaped birthday cake:

Tying balloons to everyone's feet and having everyone try to pop them.  (Yeah, okay, this has no actual tie to Studio C, but 12 year olds just love to run around like maniacs, am I right?)

Playing the "Blender Game."  Which is basically where all the kids agree to play a trivia game where they could possibly end up drinking a totally disgusting concoction, yet not one of them actually follows through with that promise.  (This game was played as a live YouTube event by the Studio C cast.  Click the link here to watch.)

It was only a mix of milk, hot sauce, spinach, banana, yogurt,
vienna sausage, tomato, goldfish crackers and an artichoke heart-
what's the big deal??
I just can't do it!!

And having a scavenger hunt.  Again, no real tie to Studio C, but kids just love scavenger hunts and the church is huge, so it's a match made in birthday party heaven :)

Step 6: Thank all your guests for coming.  Thank you Scott Sterling, Aww Yeah, Lady Shadow, The Absent Minded Robber, Juan, and Destiny from the Restaurant of Life.  And everyone else who came and played along :)

Love this group of kids! Not pictured: Lobster Bisque, Emma, Rebecca and Ben.

Hope you had fun Cindy, because I am off the hook for the next six years!  

The last time I threw Cindy an official birthday "party"

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