Sunday, December 21, 2014


Ha ha, you thought this blog had jumped the shark and been abandoned! Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I am still quite alive and ready for some bloggin'! We went to our annual Christmas white elephant gift party last night.  I feel that Jacob and I seem to do incredibly well every single year.  However, I voiced this opinion out loud at dinner tonight and he completely disagreed with me.  For some reason he and I don't seem to feel the same way about Buddha Frog and the decorative Troll plate.  He's crazy, of course, but there is no argument that this year we went through a minefield and came out like a decorated war hero.

We took a framed 5 X 7 of this:


And came home with this:

A one pound Snickers bar. 2,360 glorious calories. Which is exactly what my house needs.
I mean, I haven't had chocolate in over 11 minutes, so this bad boy is going to help me survive the next six hours.

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