Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014: Chapter One

Remember in high school buying Cliffs Notes so you could completely skip having to read long, boring novels that didn't interest you? Actually, probably not since you continue to read this blog, which is full of long, boring posts that don't interest you. Anywho...

In order to speed things along in my attempt to backblog the last two weeks around here, I proudly present:

Thank you, Sean

(Reasons why I have not blogged in over a week will be explained in Chapters 4 and 5.  
Do not let the fact that there are a Chapter 4 and 5 disappoint/scare/vex and or dishearten you. )  

Chapter One


Two days before Christmas, Luke and Cindy had their very first piano recital. As Cindy had not really been fond of her piano lessons, I was hoping that she would find the spotlight exhilarating and inspiring.  That dream seemed unfulfilled. Luke on the other hand, had to play three piano pieces instead of just two like each of the other 9 children, on account of his giant, heart-melting eyeballs. Each child played magnificently and had obviously learned their pieces well.  Finally, by a great stroke of luck, all of Cindy and Luke's Bingham-side family were in attendance, AND their Grandma Sweeney even watched live via Face Time from the mission home in Scottsdale.   


Cindy seemed nervous, Luke was excited.  I was just happy that each of them had learned enough to play a song with two hands, but continue to feel excruciatingly guilty for only video recording Luke and taking no other pictures because I was trying to live in the moment.  What kind of life advice is that anyway?  Having DeAnne there to watch was an extra treat that made the distance between us all seem non-existant.  Chris' family drove all the way from Riverview just to watch the recital, which helped Cindy feel more pride in her talent, as she does like to impress and get the approval of her cousins Sadie and Ana. The post-recital treats were delicious and were the official start of a glorious, uninterrupted, two week caloric disaster.  Dave's beard was also in attendance.

Exhibit A

"waiting for the flood"- apparently what Luke is doing every time he wears those church pants

chicken wing- placing your hand on your hip when taking photos, something I know nothing about

photobomb of the Divine- see exhibit A

Dang, we look great

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