Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chapter 3

Chapter Three: The Big Day


After spending Christmas Eve at my parent's house acting out the Nativity and playing a few games, we headed home to open pajamas. This year's choices turned out to be spot on.  The kids love high-waisted clothing, did I ever mention that?

The kids then stayed up to watch a movie.  Until I realized that unless they went to to their rooms to go to sleep, Christmas was never going to come and I would be getting less than 2 hours of sleep.  So I finally kicked them out of the playroom and I thank my lucky stars that they did not remember that leaving a plate of cookies for Santa had been completely overlooked.  Christmas morning was great once again.  Everyone got what they wanted.  Santa even brought Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Luke and a new pink guitar for Cindy.

 Luke got dad a coupon book full of chores he could do.  Fortunately for Luke, it did NOT include the promise of giving any sort of foot rub, the thought of which literally makes Luke's stomach turn.

 Soccer stars need the right tools.

Books, Legos, crafts- the kids have a lot of work ahead of them.

After a lazy morning at our house, we meandered over to my parents house to view the aftermath there. It was brutal.  We then finally all headed over to Chris and Molly's house for the rest of the evening.

There was Karaoke in the playroom, and Cindy and Ana dominated everyone at Wits and Wagers. Which makes NO SENSE!

And I got a sweet new profile picture for Facebook with this handsome joker in the U of U outfit. 


Our kids have never been ones to wake us up early on Christmas morning.  I credit this mostly to their intense fear of being killed by their father if they did.  Most years we have started presents around 8am and this year was no different.  Cindy did confess that she woke Luke up at 3:30am just so he could see what they got, to which Luke seemed horrified and slightly annoyed because he would never do something that reckless.  We did have a very good Christmas this year.  Having all of my family in town made it wonderful.  I need to mention here that right after the presents were opened at my parents' house on Christmas morning, Brian suddenly became ill and didn't leave the house for two days.  Well, sucks to be him, because he missed everything! Too bad he was born with pantywaste antibodies, while I on the other hand, was born with antibodies that have individual goatees and eat nails for breakfast.  Or do I?.....


trickeration- What Brian and Kelly have been mastering for years on account of the fact that they have hidden their singing/songwriting talents from everyone!!  I should have known something was up when they moved to Nashville for "school"....

Here is a poorly lit video of Brian and Kelly singing an original tune together.  Is there anything they don't do?

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