Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Around the World in 11 and 1/2 Hours

Blogging for a second time this week already? What??  Since I publish my blog books by the year, I am hustling to get some of this stuff in before the end of 2014.  So guess who is about to tell you all about going to Epcot with Luke?  Frank Gifford. I know, totally weird, right?  Okay, not Frank Gifford, it's me.  I will tell you about it.  I went as a chaperon for Luke's 2nd grade field trip to Epcot, which was technically supposed to be a tie-in to their "Christmas Around the World" unit that they do in school.  However, after going around all the countries at Epcot twice and seeing a total of 3 other McKeel Academy students from a total of 12 second grade classes, I am pretty sure we were some of the only people actually attempting to make this day educational.

I have taken the following sub-optimal pictures that I think really convey all we saw and did:

Let's see, we had a brilliant time in England.  We even found the shop that sells every Premier League jersey imaginable. Oh, except ones for Liverpool.  The cheeky shopkeeper told us that because of licensing agreements Disney cannot sell that one.  Rubbish, I tell you!  This Manchester United jersey is for you, Reza!

A lion danced in China...

And Luke discovered that he is the Dragon Warrior.

Luke was obsessed with the model trains that were outside of Germany.  Or was it Norway.  Italy?

There was one drummer drumming at the African outpost...

We ate school bread in Norway...

And Luke got to hit the pinata in Mexico.  Ole!

I did manage to find a person to take a picture of me and the Lukester together.  She took a while to take the picture and never gave me a countdown, so my face was getting tired.  Luke, buddy, you nailed it.

There are only about four actual rides at Epcot, and at the end of the day Luke declared his favorite to be Spaceship Earth (the ride in the giant ball).  Seriously?

A slow moving ride that tells us all about the history of communication?
Gimme, gimme, I need, I NEED!

All I can think of when I ride this ride is the Simpsons episode where they go to Epcot and Lisa describes the "World of Tomorrow" ride (i.e. Spaceship Earth) as "what the people in 1965 thought the world would be like in 1987." Pretty much.  

At the beginning of the ride they take your picture and then at the end of the ride they put it into a little movie about your future.  The first time Luke was so excited he couldn't stand himself.

The second time he did WAY better.

The best part of Spaceship Earth (wait, did I just say there is a "best" part to that ride? And it wasn't getting off at the end?)  was when the car moves past the scene depicting the burning embers of Rome. It even has its own burning scent for the full effect.  The first time we went by that part, Luke furrowed his brow and said, "Something smells like steak sauce." Rome was very saucy, apparently.  

We did manage to get FastPasses to Test Track at the end of the day, which allowed us to ride this two times in a row because of a short wait time anyway.  The last time I rode this I remember it being completely lame. However, major upgrades have been made and I can now give it my full recommendation.  Luke loved designing his car, but apparently going 65mph outside on a brisk night was not as enjoyable to him as it was to me.  

The Finding Nemo ride was very average, but Luke is the most happy go lucky kid ever, so he thought it was just fine.

Other highlights of the day included walking through an almost entirely empty Morocco, drinking honeydew-flavored Coke, hearing the Voices of Liberty a capella group (AMAZING), going in only one gift shop, very incredible fireworks with a truly awe-inspiring grand finale and also enduring only a 45 minute wait to ride on Soarin'.  Luke really loved it and since I only get a little motion sick on that ride, I had fun too.

And, finally, I also ate this Cronut :)

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