Sunday, October 20, 2013


Just when I think I can't have any new experiences DJing a dance, one comes along where the only thing that works is 60s music.  And Latin music doesn't. Sometimes I just can't figure out those single adults! But at least they are the most complimentary non-dancing crowd ever.  Cindy went with me on Friday night and I decided to really start some serious OJT.  And I can safely say now that if I were ever doing a dance and suddenly got sick or broke all my fingers and couldn't push any more buttons, Cindy could actually take over and work the laptop program.

Photo: Totally letting Cindy DJ the first 30 minutes. She catches on fast.  The family business will survive!
I think she's ready to go pro

In other news, I think I am going to have to get my finger x-rayed this week at work.  Last Monday I opened my cupboard and the glass blender fell off the top shelf and landed directly on my pointer finger that was resting on the counter.  So the moral of the story is never get a job as a transcriptionist because immediately after this happens you will be attacked by wood couches and glass blenders will fall from the sky.  Or, if you speak meme...


Friday is our fall festival at church, which means that Luke will finally get to wear his costume out of the house.  He has been changing into it after school every day for two weeks and he is so excited to finally let everyone see.  This year I am even having Jacob be the other half of Luke's costume.  Don't get too excited, it's only a t-shirt, but still, he agreed to wear it, so I am happy. Normally I myself don't try too hard with any sort of costume for this event, but as I am kind of in charge of it this year, I decided to do something half way decent.  Pictures to come shortly.  The only hint I will give you is that it is not this:

worst halloween ever

Or is it????

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Mags said...

That slug is perfect out in the Seattle area. Every time I see this on pinterest, I chuckle....seriously.