Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Down, One To Go

Well, I survived the Fall Festival!  And I think I can honestly say that I delivered on my promise of it being 4% more festive.  Was it the cool weather I specially ordered?  Was it the awesome music? Was it my poorly constructed mummy costume? Was it the awesome two year old dressed as Nacho Libre? Yes, yes, yes and YES.  I didn't have time to take too many pictures during the madness, but here are a few....

Thanks Mom for running the cake walk!

My streak for making a Halloween costume out of some sort of fabric or dress given to me by DeAnne is now at three years in a row.  This was the fabric that used to hang around her sliding glass doors at her house.  It did not look like a mummy then, by the way.  But when they moved I ended up with it and found it in my fabric bucket, and voila!  It was mummy time :)  Thanks, DeAnne!

My very handsome and dynamic duo :)

This activity was WAY more popular than I imagined. Spider walk, who knew?

Dream realized for Luke!

Gee, she looks so happy about all the work I did, doesn't she?

My dad ran one of our ring toss games. You can see him back there are the mad doctor.

Eyeballs in spaghetti. Always a classic.

Susie mixing it up with the ol' Spider under the cup switch-a-roo game.

Bless the missionaries for all their help :)

Hopefully everyone was as happy as this guy.

And now I move on to working on the Primary Program!  Finding a mariachi band that plays on Sunday is much harder than I thought.

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