Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Luke Quickies

Earlier the kids were kind of wrestling each other here in the living room.  I was, of course, on the computer with my back to them, so I was not really supervising in any way.  That's the way I roll. They were laughing and struggling and then all of a sudden I hear Luke get upset and yell, "Awh Cindy!!!  You sat on my cronius!!!!" Which is hilarious, because Cindy wasn't anywhere near his cronius.

And then just now after getting ready to leave momentarily to go to a meeting at the church, I came out of my room and was walking down the hall.  Luke came walking behind me and I heard him go "Ah! Oh, that is mom."  I turned around and he said, "Your hair is straight and I thought you were someone else."  Let winter begin!!!