Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

To say we have been busy over the past few days is an understatement. In fact, I can prove we have been really busy and that is by the fact that Luke has slept in his clothes for the past three nights in a row. I am such a pajama freak that I can't even believe I let that slide. THREE NIGHTS! Poor kid is gonna need therapy... But luckily things are about to hit a nice even pace for a week. Jacob and the kids are out of school and we still have some parties and fun things scheduled, but nothing like last week. Oh, and I just have to give a huge shout out once again to my awesome parents for helping with the kids through all that madness - taking Luke to gymnastics, babysitting, taking them to see lights - you guys are the best!

Okay, back to business!

Nativity Pictures #6 and #7

Finally! Brian arrives! And he makes his entrance as baby Jesus, of course. (On a side note- I am not a betting woman, but something tells me that President Obama would be partial to playing that role year after year.)

And I know this is a horribly fuzzy and non-focused picture, (and my mom is groaning looking at it probably) but it's all I got for the following year??

Last night was also the infamous white elephant gift Christmas party for 2011. This year I decided to re-gift the Frankie Avalon self-tanning set that I got at the same party 3 years ago. And would you like to guess who ended up with that? DeAnne! I'm so sorry, DeAnne! Really. Truly. I mean it. (Although Karl did end up with "Satan's Snowman" so you still made out like bandits...) It was also kind of determined at the end that that the other gift we brought was pretty much the worst one and that was simply an 8X10 framed picture of Elvis. There is simply no love for The King anymore! Another highlight of the party had to be when my dad went up to open a gift and before my mom could flag him down to tell him to stop what he was doing, he had already opened the gift they brought. Rimshot!

However, it was nothing short of pure magic when I opened up my gift because I happened to pick one from Rich and Lisa McKendrick, who search year-round, I am sure, for their white elephant treasures. They are yard sale-ing legends in these parts and they never disappoint with what they are able to find. When I opened my box and saw what was inside, I could not stop laughing. I seriously almost was in tears because this item was just simply the most tacky, weird, wonderful and baffling gift. Truly it belongs in the front display case of the "Why do you exist?" Store. So here it is:

It's a decorative Troll Plate! And best of all is that it is: (and I quote) "Plate one in the hand-numbered collection "Monday's Troll is Fair of Face..." Why, troll plate? WHY?

At one point Jacob did own a XXL Snuggie (which he did try on backwards and he was one good lookin' Jedi, if I do say so myself), but that was stolen and we ended up with a snazzy "Planet Earth" DVD from the Discovery Channel. Not bad!

And speaking of things that make no sense, here is what Cindy has been up to for the last few hours:

Dressing herself up with Hot Wheels track. That weirdo Lady Gaga hasn't thought of this yet! HA!

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