Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Luke Quickies

The other day I was helping Cindy get ready for soccer practice. She asked me to put on her shinguards, then her socks, then help her get her bag ready, and then she even asked me to fill up her water bottle. I was a little exasperated and said, "What am I, your butler?" Luke happened to be right there and when I said that word and he made a funny little chuckle under his breath. I told him what it meant and he seemed to understand. Then later that evening, I heard Cindy and Luke playing together in his room. It was the regular playtime chatter until I heard Luke say real loud, "What am I, your butt-roller?" Good times :)

Sunday my mom had given the kids a pack of paper ornaments that they could color and give to people. Luke told me that he was going to color all of them and give them to all the kids in his preschool class. I told him, however, that there were only 9 ornaments and that would not be enough for everyone. Luke didn't see a problem and told me, "Then I will just give one to the kids I like and there will be enough." Ahh, the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Sweeneyville!

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