Monday, October 17, 2011

The Weekend Update

This was already on Facebook, but just to make sure I catalog this properly in the next Pulitzer Prize-winning volume of Sweeneyville: The Book...

On Friday my mom suddenly found out she was done with her chemo treatments!! She was supposed to have two more, but since some of the side effects of the latest treatment were getting a little intense, the doctor had mercy on her and is letting her skip the last two. Yippppeeeeee! Isn't my mom such a trooper? About 7 months of treatments and she barely complained and really didn't even miss that much work. Amazing! Anyway, I'm glad that part is over. Now I get my Friday afternoon buddy back! Yay! Next up is radiation treatments, but the good news is that since she got to end chemo early, she might get to start radiation early and thus be done earlier than planned. That would be awesome. Fingers crossed! (And prayers being said...)

And just a little update on that soccer tournament on Saturday... Apparently there is some unwritten rule in the universe that Cindy is required to always play on a soccer team that never gets a fair shake. Last year in Bartow, due to laziness on the part of the league, her little team was forced to play on a giant field with full-sized goals. And even more insulting, they were also forced to have me as their coach. I think I speak for everyone on that team when I say, "Please never bring that season up in conversation ever again." So this time around, playing in a different league, different venue, and with Jacob as her coach I was fully prepared for soccer vindication!! When we got to the tournament I was very encouraged to see the field was smaller and so were the goals. Unfortunately, the teams we had to play had obviously been taking steroids since they were infants, because they were each at least a foot taller than our girls. Apparently there were no U-9 teams for us to play, so we had to play up a division with the U-10 Amazon's of Bradenton. It was like David vs. Goliath. No, actually it was more like David's one-legged little sister vs. Goliath. Needless to say, as a parent, Saturday was a very long day. However, as you might expect from 8 year-olds, they stil had fun just being together :)

Pink ball, pink shoes- who could that be?

They played the game "Keep the Ball in the Air" and the record was 4.

Not listening, walking away from coach- who could that be? Busted!! Ha ha ;)

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