Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No, Chancho, I would never leave you!

Saturday night I really wanted to watch Nacho Libre. (If you didn't know, it is one my favorite movies of all-time. Says a lot about me, huh?) I was going to put it in the laptop and just chill by myself but the kids started begging me to let them watch too. I finally decided they would need to eventually see this movie one day anyway and so they piled in my bed and we watched half of it before it was their bedtime. While the kids seemed to enjoy the movie, it was kind of a weird experience for me to watch a movie (that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to begin with) with small children and have to explain the answers to their inevitable questions. I told them everything from describing what a nun was and why they can't have boyfriends to what a nucleus is; why wrestlers wear masks, what are "sweats" and "fresh ingredients", what are orphans, what is a water gypsy and whether eagle eggs give you magical powers, how you could possibly make a go-cart out of a wheelchair and lawnmower, what throwing a beehive at someone has to do with wrestling, why we can't eat our corn on the cob on a stick, what the Spanish word "esqueleto" means and also trying to explain the nickname "Satan's Cavemen". It was kind of a weird 45 minutes. (But then again it was kind of weird having to explain the words "whore" and "harlot" to Cindy last night while reading in 1 Nephi, so it can come at you at any time, really.) I couldn't tell if the kids could even follow the movie well enough to like it, but when I went into the kitchen this morning and saw the 2012 Calendar that the kids are decorating for me, I found this at the top of May:

"Get that corn out of my face"

I think I shed a tear. A prideful, wonderful tear :)


Karin said...

Watched that movie for the first time last week...with the family. I think I understand a bit. :) I still laugh every time I think of the song he sang to her...too funny!

SEan said...

I'm so glad... Sweeneys are movie quoting machines. Fifty percent of our conversations at family get together's are based on movies like (1) Nacho Libre, (2)Star Wars, (3) Harry and the Henderson's, (4) some other weird, obscure movie from the 80's and 90's.

Karin said...

(Jakob's new fav YouTube videos...)