Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Well, That Was Just Super!

Let's face it, there were really only two stories that came out of the Super Bowl on Sunday:  the horrible play call at the end of the game that blew it for Seattle and Katy Perry's halftime show. Well, after scouring the the Internet for over 5 minutes, I have found for your viewing pleasure the best memes celebrating these two events.

(And by the way, the hands-down, best way to watch the Super Bowl is along with Twitter.  Being a part of the world's largest live smart aleck focus group is immensely entertaining.)

Pete Carroll's last minute text...

pete carroll text
Darn you, autocorrect!

marshawn lynch
He was just there so he wouldn't get fined

seahawks so close
That Brady- always a jokester!

Throw it, why not?


I will say that KP took a lot of flack for having a "boring" halftime show, but in her defense, she was surprisingly modest.  And are Super Bowl halftime shows ever really supposed to be good anyways?? Still, there was plenty to make fun of:

It ain't easy being Cheesy

Who wore it better?

Rim shot!

Katy Perry Emulated 'The More You Know' Logo with Super Bowl Star!
I knew that looked familiar...

Finally, if you were not aware, there were dancing sharks at one point during her show.  And the "shark on the left" turned out to be horribly out of sync with shark on the right.  Here is the defining moment:


And 4 seconds after that happened, MILLIONS and MILLIONS of memes happened and poor #LeftShark became a sensation of epic, unstoppable proportions.


katy perry shark meme no idea
So "Chemistry Dog" is out, then?

Which Katy Perry halftime show shark are you?
Look deep within your gills

Oh, the feels!


Preach it, Kevin.

Hey, t-shirts and plush dolls are also available to order!  The Internet does NOT screw around, friends.

Does this come in extra uncoordinated?

This is fintastic. 

Wait, you need a new tattoo idea?

Sharks are forever!!

And then things got even a little....more......awesome?  Weird?

View image on Twitter
Not the hero we need, just the one we deserve

I'm King of the Internet!!

Well, I could go on for hours with those, but finally, I just want to bring up that no one is really talking about the fact that the Madden 2015 EA video game ran a Super Bowl simulation and got it exactly right.  Exactly right!!  That's amazing.

Nailed it!

My favorite commercial of the night?  None of them were that good, but this one won out in the end.

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