Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Luke Quickie

Yesterday Luke stayed home from school while recovering from a fever and a cold.  I did not have to work so I took him with me when I went to take Jacob some lunch over at his classroom.  As we pulled into the school parking lot, the bell sounded and we waited for the halls to clear out before walking in to meet him.  Luke seemed confused as we waited and he finally asked where we were. I told him that the classroom was right behind us in the main building and we would go in as soon as most of the students were gone.  I guess it had been a long time since Luke visited his dad at school because then he said, "Dad's classroom is in this big building?  Oh, I thought he was still out in his cabin."

Dear School Board,

Please refer to portables as 'cabins' from now on.  I mean, who wouldn't want to learn Algebra in the comfort of a cabin?  No one.

Jessica Sweeney

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