Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Is In The Air

I was wondering what kind of Valentines Luke might want to take to school this year.  Star Wars?Ninja Turtle?  Lego?  Nah.  He used his art set from Christmas to hand draw, cut out and label 18 individual Valentines for his class, including one for his teacher.  He did this for about an hour and a half two Sundays ago unbeknownst to any one of us.  This kid is killing me!

I am still waiting to see if Cindy is too cool for Valentines now that she is in Middle School, but I know she wouldn't turn down this guy!  

I am sure this is a product aimed at men, but I just might have to give Cindy the surprise of a lifetime with this on Saturday.  She LOVES beef jerky and, if I remember correctly, super creepy Klingon-esque Sasquatch, so this would be a huge win-win.

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