Monday, February 16, 2015

A Jacob Quickie

Saturday was Luke's triumphant return to soccer!  He played a basketball game at 10 and then hit the pitch at noon.  It's tough being so talented :)  For having only attended one soccer practice up to this point, he did amazing.  He still has great ball control, great speed and this time around our team finally has a ringer!  We have this giant kid that can really kick the ball and not fall down every time a stiff breeze blows.  It. is. awesome.  And definitely a new experience for Luke's team, which is made up of pretty much every tiny kid from last time.  At one point in the game the giant kid was taking a free kick.  (I am going to try and find out his actual name, until then he shall be known as 'Manute'.)  Our little guys were just kind of standing there about ten feet away waiting for the kick and suddenly Jacob was yelling at Luke to back up and get open. Seconds after Luke listened and got down field, Manute kicked the ball over everyone's head and Luke was in exactly the right spot to run onto it, dribble and score a goal on a great one-on-one breakaway. We were all amazed out how Jacob totally called it!  My dad was amazed, my mom was amazed- I too, was amazed, (and also incredibly happy Luke scored the goal), and finally after everyone telling Jacob how incredible it was that he saw the future, Jacob stood next to me and said kind of puzzled, "Well, I AM a soccer coach..."  Oh, yeah. I guess after all the thousands of hours of practice, playing games and all those classes for coaching licenses, he might know a little about soccer :)

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