Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Official Review of Interstellar

It seems that it takes a lot lately to get me to go to the movies and actually be excited about it. (Hey, wanna burn 25 bucks and 2 hours watching a movie about a guy and girl who overcome the odds to end up together? Not really. There will be a chase scene! Well, okay.)  But when I saw the preview for Interstellar while going to see Captain America two months ago, I instantly knew that I wanted to see it. I don't know why. Maybe my inner Trekkie was intrigued, but Jacob and I made a date out of it today and here is the takeaway...

No aliens. Finally!
TARS is the best space robot since R2
The TARS/McConaughey bromance
Surprise! Guess who's in the pod on Dr. Mann's planet!
Michael Cain and his wonderful British accent
Got to use my Fandango credits and upgrade to IMAX for free
Having Jacob there to explain the answers to the 134 questions I had after the movie ended
Sound editing, score and music were incredible
Space visuals were stunning
Ever wondered what it would really feel like while traveling through a wormhole? Well, now you know.
I cried. Twice.
Even though I was in the movie for 3 hours, the rest of the world did not age 21 years.
I did not look at my phone one time during this movie.

Not a lot of plot setup on this one.  It's OJT style, my friends.
LOTS of spinning.  (Which is literally my worst nightmare. A few of those scenes were dicey for me)
McConaughey's mumbling
2 hour and 49 minute run time
Time travel, my achilles heel!
I cried. Twice.
No cats.
Contrived bonus scene after the end credits where they all go and eat Schwarma together

Overall this movie is what happens when the movie Inception marries the movie Gravity and has baby. Inception was a mind-bending adventure.  Gravity was visually stunning and realistically captured space and distance.  So you put them together and you have a pretty fantastic space movie that completely confuses the heck out of you.  (Hey, wanna spend $30 bucks and 3 hours watching a movie about a guy who leaves his family to travel through a wormhole, to two alien planets, and back through a black hole and still looks the same even though he is 124 years old? Absolutely!)  Seriously, go see it. Well worth the money.  It's emotional, it's exciting, it's intense, it's intriguing, and best of all it's not in 3D.

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