Sunday, November 2, 2014

Color and Glow 5K

A few months back I noticed that there was a glow in the dark 5K listed on my local Groupon.  I thought it would be a good bucket list experience and Cindy could come along with me for the exercise. Having never done one of these quirky-type races I imagined it would be like a 5K while running through some sort of paint car wash.  Not exactly the way it works.  It's more like walking an untimed 5K on a conveyor belt where you approach the paint sprayers every half a mile and get as much or as little paint as you tell them to spray on you.  Which is not to say it wasn't fun, because we had a blast. Cindy was a maniac with the paint. She ran the race just fine and the 50 degree weather didn't really even phase her once we got going.  By the end she was covered from head to toe and when she got to church this morning I was quick to notice she still had tons of pink paint on her scalp and a nice collection of neon green paint in her ear.  Just so you know, no, it does not come out of your clothes :)  It did come out of my spandex running pants, but definitely not anything made of cotton.  Or my headband.  Or my shoes.  But my wedding ring cleaned up nicely. But not my socks.  And my phone still has some pink paint in the home button. Yep, it gets EVERYWHERE.  A bunch of other friends from church signed up for the race as well and were so kind to share most of the pictures we took.  Overall, it was probably the best $20 "race" I will ever do.  Cindy hugged me several times during the night and told me that it was the best night of her life.  Food won't motivate her, money won't motivate her, but paint will. Who knew?

A little cold before the race
Painted up and ready to go!

Do not underestimate this wild bunch

Well, at least my shoes aren't boring anymore

With my favorite girl :)

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