Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mrs. Sweeney, In the Living Room, With a Laptop

With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching I have been scouring the Internet for good deals on presents for the kids.  The other day a great deal came up for the board game Clue.  I remember having that game as a kid and really liking it but I was not sure if Cindy would be interested in it if I bought it for her.  I casually asked her, "Hey, have you ever played the game Clue before?"  She looked confused and said, "I have never even heard of that game."  I was kind of shocked and said, "Really? You have never even heard of it?"  "Nope. What is it?"  I explained, "It's this game where you are trying to find out who killed someone, and in what room and with what weapon."  Cindy was now even more confused and looked at me kind of horrified and said, "This is game for kids about murder?" And then I was a little confused and slowly said, "Well,.......yeah......when you say it like that it sounds kinda....creepy...." But I still bought it anyway. Unless you are reading this, Cindy, in which case I most certainly did NOT buy that horrifying thing and I bought you "Great Female Inventors underwear" instead.

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