Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's About Time

Today our primary went on a temple trip to the Orlando Temple.  We toured the grounds with the Temple matron, took individual pictures out in front and then ended the activity at the Stake Center across the street making a temple craft.  I hate being in charge of things, so this activity actually caused me a lot of stress this week as I was trying to make sure I had thought of everything, but my prayers were answered and it all came together better than I could have hoped.  My kids have now visited 17 temples.  Hard to believe they have seen 16 other temples (including one in Hawaii) before their very own. Mom of the year, right here.

At one point in the tour, the matron told us about the "cornerstone box" that is inside the eastern cornerstone of the temple.  There about 50 items inside that box, including a rattlesnake rattle and a wild boar tusk from the Church Ranch, an animated cel of Jiminy Cricket given to us from Disney, two patches that astronauts wore in space, pictures of the first presidency at the time and a banner signed by ME.  Yes, I had to have my memory jogged today.  Twenty years ago, this year, all the youth in the Orlando temple district signed a banner committing themselves to being worthy to go to the temple for their endowments.  Well, it was 20 years ago (insert panic attack here) and I don't remember that because I am too busy remembering that I sang in the choir in the celestial room 20 feet from President Hunter for the temple dedication.  So there!

It was indeed a million degrees outside during the tour, and not only was the spirit of God like a fire burning, but so was our flesh just a little.  Thank goodness the kids and parents rolled with it and endured like champs.  Hey, I tried for December, but the Stake Calendar is a cruel taskmaster.

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Mags said...

Nice, I can one up you though. Mmy pictures is in the cornerstone of the Nauvoo Temple. I am not kidding either. Look up the Ensign about the Nauvoo Temple, July 2002. My picture was also printed in the article: