Monday, September 29, 2014

A Cindy Quickie

Have you ever had those moments as a parent where you are trying to have a serious teaching moment but your kids are trying to be funny and disruptive by making a dumb comment and as hard as you try to ignore it, you find it funny and can't suppress your laughter? Especially when your spouse is able to suppress theirs?  This was me last night during scripture study:  

I am being played by Ryan Gosling, Jacob is being played by Steve Carrell.  We were reading in D&C 34 and the Lord is telling Orson Pratt about some of the signs of the second coming.  After reading that the "moon will be turned to blood", Jacob asks the kids to think about how that could happen.  How could the moon be turned to blood?  After thinking a minute Cindy says, "Astronauts dying?"  And then I was dying.  Alone in my principals.  Oh, come on, that was FUNNY!  Ill-timed and obviously not the right answer, but still funny.

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