Saturday, December 7, 2013

Soccer Finale

Today was the last soccer game for Luke for fall season!  Technically the team will play in the championship tournament game tomorrow, but since it is on a Sunday, this was his final hurrah.  I think he had fun and enjoyed the kids on his team this year, but he definitely wants a break.  As a testament to how warm it is here in Florida this December, take peak at the mom over Cindy's shoulder in her tube top and shorties.  The temperature gauge in my car was reading 83 degrees at game time and every parent watching had their chair in the shade.  I definitely wish it were cooler right now but since I am allergic to snow and ice, I won't complain one bit.

And.........A Luke Quickie

Another note to add is that last night after his final practice, the coach handed out cupcakes and trophies.  I was not able to be there because Cindy had a chorus performance in downtown Lakeland, so my parents took Luke for me. (And battled the hummingbird-sized mosquitoes out at Carter Road park.)  When I picked Luke up at their house last night, he was glowing about getting his first trophy.  And then he told me, "I even got FIRST PLACE!"  I was confused by this and when I looked at my mom she smiled and mouthed to me "They called his name first to get his trophy."  I like his thinking.

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