Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Story I Forgot to tell

A few months ago I wanted to give my mom a framed copy of a picture that I took of some of the grandkids while we were up in Tennessee earlier this summer.  But the picture needed a little photoshopping.  Enter, Sean Sweeney, my photoshopping slave.  He is too awesome at this for me to ask anyone else to do it and too kind to say no to my never ending requests.  So here is the original photo he did for me:

remember this one?

As you can see, he blurred out the giant car and electrical box that were in the background of this photo.  The focus on the kids makes it look way better.  But just for fun he also sent me this one:

Well, who am I to let all his efforts go to waste?  So about a week after giving my mom a framed copy of the first photo, I snuck into her house and switched it with this one:


I only told my dad that I did this, just in case he was around when she finally noticed.  I had a feeling it might take a while.  Needless to say weeks went by.  Finally, she told me how she was home alone and dusting one day and when she moved this photo she looked at it and thought, Who is that kid in the background?  And then she put on her glasses and thought, What the heck is Luke Skywalker doing in this picture?!!  Classic. But wait, it gets better.  I was at her house when she was telling me this story and Cindy was standing right there and said, "And did you like Iron Man too?"  And she said, "Iron Man? What are you talking about?!"  So we brought out the picture and showed her Iron Man flying right above Luke's head.  She was astounded.  And she should also never be any sort of eyewitness in court.

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