Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And The Yzma goes to....

I have decided that a new award will now be handed out annually in Sweeneyville.  
I call it, The Yzma.

(Sean Sweeney, you never fail me.)

This award goes to the most annoying celebrity or human on the planet for the year.  And I am calling it thus, because, like Yzma, I share her love for the ingenious plan of how best to get rid of said annoying person.

So after reviewing all of the possible choices, I proudly award the first annual Yzma to:
Miley Cyrus.  

Please take a moment to envision with Yzma (and myself) how Miley could meet an unfortunate end.

Honorable mentions include Piers Morgan, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and all Kardashians everywhere.


Mags said...

I agree with getting rid of her image and whatever art she feels to put out there. But why do I actually like some of her songs? Well, I like her songs sung by other people. I tried to swear her off, but on The Voice a contestant sang 'Wrecking Ball'. I was blown away. I then listened(definitely not watched) to hers, I liked the non pros version, but bottom line, I liked the song.

Linnley Marie said...

This is brilliant! She definitely win's this award. The runners up are spot on. What has happened to America? Our celebs are terrible, and the media loves how terrible they are. Ah!