Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Twilight Zone

As a DJ I have always had this fear in the back of my mind that one day I will be doing a dance and nothing I play will work to make people dance.  All the usual favorites will bomb and I will be standing in a room full of people who are sitting down and staring at me.  Well, good news! I don't have to be afraid of that happening any more because it happened last night at the single adult dance I did at our Stake Center.  To say that "you never who will show up" to a single adult dance is a complete understatement. Sometimes it is a pretty 'young' group; sometimes they are a more mature crowd. Sometimes they want mostly 70's music and other times they want only the newest tunes.  Saturday I got about 20 single older Spanish ladies.  And Latin music is all they wanted. Which isn't a problem until you realize A) I am very white and B) I have about four Latin songs. And for the five or six non-Spanish people at the dance, they sure as heck weren't going to dance to regular music by themselves in front of everyone.  It was an interesting predicament.  Slow songs were a complete no-go.  I did three rounds with ZERO on the floor and then had to go the rest of the night with none.  That is DJ death, by the way.  I had played out all my Cha Cha slides and Cupid shuffles by 9:45 and was trying to save anything by Pitbull for at least ten o'clock.  Longest three hours of my life.  Finally, I got some of the younger Spanish ladies to write down names and artists of Latin music and Spotify came to my rescue- which is the best DJ investment we have ever made, by the way.  But the absolute weirdest part was all the compliments I got at the end!  It was like some sort of parallel universe.  They told me how good it was and they loved my variety and I even gave out a card.  Come se dice, huh?

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