Monday, September 23, 2013

The Takeaway

So what did we all learn this weekend?  I will tell you:

1) The Texas football team is WAY worse than we all thought.  Sorry, Longhorns. You might be in for a rough season.

2) Jacob might still have a chance at a super soccer posterity. Luke had his first soccer game and the reports from Jacob is that he did pretty well!  He is the shortest kid on his team, sometimes by a full head or more, but he is very fast.  He gets that compliment a lot from his coaches.  So when the stars align and Luke is paying attention and not talking to himself in an imaginary land, he can really hustle and get where he needs to be.  I went to his practice on Friday night and asked Cindy to take a picture or two for me.  Um, yeeeeeeah.  This is the best we got:

He's moving so fast- he's blurry!!

3) As a parent, volleyball is the best sport your child could ever pick to play.  It's inside, on a nice wood floor, with air conditioning, no grass, fire ants, mosquitoes, or a glaring hot sun and it's rally scoring!  How much better could it get?!  Maybe hockey would be better because it would be colder, but that is also way too much equipment.  So while Jacob was with Luke, I was with Cindy at her volleyball game.  Her team lost all three games last week, but won all three this week. Surprisingly, her attitude this week was much better.  And I managed these two fine photos:

Cindy's sky-high serves got her four points in a row :)  

4) And finally, if you stop wearing contacts for over a month and then decide to put them back in, they will feel like plywood.

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