Friday, September 20, 2013

A Luke Quickie

Last night I was telling the kids a story.  This was the one were I tell them that once upon a time they were walking along the beach and found a magic lamp and a genie appeared who gave them each one wish. This time I changed the story from being just Cindy and Luke, to include me and Jacob. I kind of set them up because I was dying to hear what the kids would say when I asked them to tell me what Dad "wished for."  It didn't disappoint because when I asked Luke what Dad wished for he took about a second and said, "That he would never have to go to the beach again?"

Incidentally, Cindy thought he would want "a house made of vegetables."  As for the children's wishes, Luke went with 100 chocolate bars, Cindy went with a dog, and since I had a wish too I went with free running shoes that fell from the sky.  Talk about a great day at the beach!

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Linnley Marie said...

Send Cindy to Arizona to spend a week here with Reese :) Maybe Nathan and I could arrange to send Luke 100 Candy Bars. Also, the free running shoes, not a bad wish! I may be able to make that happen too. :)