Saturday, July 6, 2013

This Is Happening

Even though I know you are dying to see what I did for the fourth of July, you are just gonna have to be content with something ten times more awesomer.  I would like to thank my brother Dave for alerting me to the fact that I will need to install cable by next week if I am going to see a made-up Balderdash movie plot line come to glorious fruition.  Behold:

In other words, this is a movie where, and I quote, "Super tornadoes suck sharks up from the ocean floor, hurling them at LA."  Starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.  What could go wrong!?!

Just in case the boys over at SyFy are asleep at the wheel, here are ten other movies just waiting in the wings for oh, I don't know, Shannon Dougherty and Emmanuel Lewis?


10. Gatorspout
9. Pirahnacane
8. Vole-cano
7. Eleflood
6. Earthsnakes
5. Solar Hares
4. Slughole
3. Aurora Mole-alis
2. Squidnami
1. Crabalanche!

Also, if you want to actually get something educational out of all this, check out this link of 20 amazing and unusual weather phenomena.  Pretty incredible.  Including #7 which is why Sharknado is based on a true story.  Haters gonna hate :)

(Thanks to Dave and Connie for contributions to the list :)

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