Saturday, July 20, 2013

Show Offs

Fun Fact About Cindy

She loves the game Stratego.  Never heard of it?  I am not surprised.  It's one of those random strategy games of the Sweeney boys' childhood.  They never played games that were based on fun, but rather only those based on war, armies and world domination- something I cannot relate to in the slightest.  But after days of begging, I finally caved and battled Cindy in an epic duel. She destroyed me.  (And yes, I really was trying :)

Fun Fact About Luke

He sleeps with his eyes open.  Creepiness level: Infinity. 

(He denies that he does this and even when I showed him this pictorial evidence he told me he was "just peeking" when I took the picture.  Ha! I took this in the dark at midnight. Twice. Sorry, Luke you just have a hidden talent.  One you even hide from yourself.)

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