Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kids Text The Darndest Things

Monday night while I was at camp, I texted back and forth with Cindy.  Here is the transcript of some of the exchange we had.  For reference, I took a bunch of really pretty journals to camp with me to give to my YCLs as gifts at the end of camp.  And of course, Cindy had her eye on one in case there were extra.


So how is it going?

                              Hey guess who it is yup its cindy it was the best day ever we got 24 doughnuts at krispy kream but just the glazed lets keep texting

(long response time because I was busy 
for a minute or two)

what about 24 doughnuts what do you think about that?

wow, did you EAT 24 doughnuts?

I ate two donuts

                                                     I miss you in the middel of the night i will draw a mustash on luke in sharpee too

                                                Let me tell you this house is a mess we only unloaded the dishwasher today

                                                                  we also went to chik fl a and me and luke got caffeine free diet coke

You guys party when I am not there!!!

Do you have that extra butterfly jurnel thats blue

I don't know if I will have extras or not but I will try

I wish I were home with you!

                                                                  You would be playing hungry hippos if you were right now or watching dad study and lift waights

Who won HH?

Me luke failed

So lukes day was the tablet and digging for gold Lol

Oh wow.

I know right

My day was wizerds of waverly place


Yes mo ha ha ha ha!

Did you have a good dinner?

We didnt have diner yet please bring me the jurnel

I don't know if I have enough left over

                                                          How many jurnels are there? and how meny girls are there? Boom do the math.

When can i have my own phone until i can spell missippi

i got to go text tomarrow? Bye mom

If you are ever bored and next a smile, text with Cindy.  It will amuse you and help her practice her spelling, which obviously needs a lot of work. Oy.

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