Thursday, July 18, 2013

Name That Bug

I mentioned the other day on Facebook that I actually used the Internet for something other than cats, memes, or cat memes.  Or Facebook.  Or posting cat memes on Facebook.  And here is what I was researching...

We get these caterpillars everywhere in Florida and I always wanted to know what they were called.  I give you, "The Halloween Eyebrow" Caterpillar!

Ok, just kidding.  But that is what they look like to me and usually what I call them.  But no, they are actually called Oleander Caterpillars because they decimate Oleander plants.  Very true because my Dad had huge oleanders in his backyard for years and these things would completely destroy them.  Turns out that these guys can eat Oleanders without dying, unlike most anything else because Oleanders are very poisonous.  Apparently if a bird eats these caterpillars, they die.  So pretty much birds are ZERO help if you get an infestation. Now this is all good and fascinating (not really) but here is where it gets GOOD....

Oleander Caterpillars turn into THESE guys!!

Syntomeida epilais - Syntomeida_epilais.jpg

This is the Polka Dot Wasp Moth and I see these things everywhere too, and so did you hear me?! This is a MOTH, and not a giant wasp that is trying to sting me and send me to the ER.  Plus also, this makes me feel really bad for how many of these I have stepped on thinking they were hornets. But isn't the Internet wonderful?  I can now add this guy to the list of Florida bugs I am not afraid of.  Both of them are A-OK with me :)

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