Monday, April 30, 2012

Would you expect anything less from us?

Luke got those melty beads for his birthday.  I would say we have been using them very wisely...

Yep, you can find just about anything on the Internet :)  Luke pretty much did all the Star Wars ones completely by himself.  I simply pulled up a picture on Google and away he went.  Back and forth and back and forth from the computer to the table where he was working - it was actually pretty cute to watch.  And if you think these things are impressive at all, take a look at some of the stuff other people are making with fuse beads....

Mom, this is your Mother's Day present.  Hope you like it!  Yeah, right.  I know you won't.  
You'll LOVE IT!!

"Jefe, would you say there is a "plethora" of video game sprites and Pokemon creatures when you search for melty bead patterns on the Internet?"

"Oh, yes.  There is a plethora, El Guapo."

I need to make this for Jacob.  Father's Day is right around the corner, you know.

And isn't this thing ridiculous?  Amazing!

And now I need to get back to work on my melty bead masterpiece, which is a picture of the super annoyed look on Jacob's face when he found out he actually had to show up to jury duty this morning.  So sorry, dear :(  Whenever they pass that law allowing you to trade jury duty with someone else, I know exactly who to call ;)

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