Friday, April 27, 2012

A Luke Quickie

Today after I picked up Luke from preschool I asked him if his teacher read him a book.  He said yes and then started telling me that it was all about tarantulas, anacondas and even bats.  He told me all about how poisonous the snakes are, that the tarantulas are really hairy and that there is even a kind of bat that eats animals alive and then they die in its stomach.  When you think Luke is not listening, he really is listening all the time - this I have learned.  Well, fast forward to about 4 hours later when I picked up Cindy at the bus stop and took the kids straight to DeAnne's house to swim.  DeAnne was there and I showed her this large bump that Luke has on his leg that I first noticed last night.  Not sure what it is or what it came from, but we both thought it was strange.  And then DeAnne, very jokingly said to Luke, "I think you got bit by a bat!"  She obviously just picked the first thing that came to her mind and was being silly, but the coincidence of Luke having just learned about killer bats was too funny.  His face was a little mortified at that news and he has now been referring to his "bat bite" all night long.  (By the way, DeAnne, this story should not make you feel bad.  It's hilarious :)

And then this is the conversation I just heard between Luke and Cindy.

Luke:  My bat bite is hurting.
Cindy: It's not a bat bite.
Luke: Yes it is!
Cindy: When do you remember getting bit by a bat?
Luke:  I don't know.  Maybe it was hiding in the grass and I didn't see it.
Cindy: *shakes head and sighs.....*

Kids are the best :)

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