Friday, September 25, 2009

Thomas the predictable Train

If there were ever a kids show in history where you could apply the phrase "If you've seen one, you've seen them all" it would be Thomas the Train. Luke has recently switched his Netflix addiction from Dora the Explorer to Thomas and Friends. And while I'm extremely happy about the jump in testosterone levels around here, this show kind of baffles me. I have realized that the draw to this show must be the weird 3D clay-like animation, cause it ain't the amazing writing, sister. I have now seen about 12 different episodes of this show and I am not sure that they are actually different in any way.
Every single episode goes something like this:
(you'll thank me later when you don't actually have to watch any of these yourself)

Sir Topham Hat: (station manager) (Yes, that is really his name)
"Thomas, I need you to take a load of passengers to see the amazing Eagle that was just spotted on the other side of the Island."
Thomas: "Yes, sir!"
Any other Engine or train: "That makes me cross! Thomas is not important enough for that job."
Sir Topham Hat: "You all work for me, so all of you are useful! We cannot cause confusion or delay. Now get to work!"
All other trains: "Alright. Let's show Thomas how much better we are than him!"
Calamity occurs.
(By calamity I mean, a giant storm, a crash that spills tons of jelly all over the tracks, trains deciding to go way too fast and tipping over a giant dinosaur skeleton from the museum. Take your pick.)
Sir Topham Hat: "I am very cross! Bad trains!"
All other trains: "We sure learned our lesson. We are all important!"
Cheeky music takes us out.

So there you have it- every episode of Thomas the Train neatly condensed into a tidy10 seconds. See, this blog is really not just for entertainment. It's a public service. And lucky for you, it is one which I will duteously provide.


Mags said...

My kids have been obsessed with Thomas at different stages in their life. You should check out some of the books from the library. Sir Topham Hat used to be the 'fat controller.' Oh and so happy that you all have moved on :)

Amy said...

I am remembering many times of boredom and eye-rolling just by reading your post about Thomas. I just LOVE how they put like, ten of those cookie-cutter stories on one DVD so you have to watch all of them. It's just a ploy to get us to buy their hideously over-priced trains. Unfortunately, it worked.