Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Say Cheese!

I am having one of those internal Mom debates. This one centers around whether or not to get picture re-takes of Cindy. Her school pictures came back yesterday, and while her hair looks good (which is usually her biggest obstacle, what with her magnanimous cowlick and all), her smile is kinda lame. She isn't showing her teeth and that makes for one sweet grimace of a photo. You be the judge:

Who needs a high-techy scanner when you can just use your digital camera to take pictures of stuff instead, right?

That was the kind of smile that irked my own mother to death when taking pictures. If we gave up on making the overtly goofy face, we would resort to the grimace, which was just as bad. Cindy hasn't lost any teeth yet, either, which is another reason I wanted to see those pearly whites in that photo. Of course, Cindy is on the complete other side of the debate on that one. It is her DREAM to lose a tooth! Every single morning she goes to the hallway mirror and checks all her teeth to see if any of them have budged overnight. I mean, her friend Maddie has lost teeth, little Nathan has, Brianna has- everyone! Except her. She is dying to join this elite club. Of course, if waiting doesn't seem to work you can always have someone help things along. Like my experience of being tripped into the fireplace hearth and busting out my two front teeth. Big brothers can be very helpful that way :) Not naming names or anything (David). That experience happened to me when I was about 4 and we lived in Kansas City. My dad's boss' daughter was babysitting us kids while they had a work softball game. Awkward!

So ultimately, to re-take or not to re-take? That is the question....

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Mags said...

You know that retaking mean crazy hair and perfect smile, right?