Sunday, July 9, 2017

Well Enough Alone

Cindy has now been gone for 5 days and I have been wondering if Luke will ever get to a point where he admits to missing her.  So far, no :)  He has been filling his days with copious amounts of Call of Duty and MANY, MANY hours with his buddy Ben.  They have spent as much as 9 hours in one day together.  Minecraft, basketball, FIFA- they always seem to find things to entertain them and they never get tired of each other.  Not a bad way to spend your summer!

Yesterday Luke and I hitched a ride to the north side with my parents, mostly so I could get Luke out of the house and into the real world for a short time.  The only reason Luke even agreed to step foot in an actual store (the equivalent of his Kryptonite) was the promise of a trip to the magical Toys R Us. And the only reason that Toys R Us was appealing to him was because of a show we watched on TV called The Toy Box; basically a reality show where toy inventors try to win a deal with Toys R Us. The winning toy was a 3D liquid art set and ever since Luke saw it on the show he has wanted it really badly.

Well, all his wildest dreams came true and the $10 that was burning a hole in his pocket was enough to buy a starter set.  Basically it uses colored water and special stenciled paper to make designs that rely on the surface tension of the water.  I was skeptical that this would hold his attention very long, but he has played with this non-stop, over and over since he got it.  Pretty easy to use, easy to mix lots of different colors- I'm impressed!  Mostly because this means that the TV show actually got it right!  And got his money.

And bonus, at the store we found Boba Fett!  Or, as we say in the south, Bubba Fett. Talk to ya!

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