Friday, July 14, 2017

My Official Review of Spiderman: Homecoming

To be honest, I kind of forgot that this movie was even coming out.  And then I had a feeling that it was going to be totally lame.  Cindy saw it already while out in Utah on her dream vacation of a lifetime, so Jacob and Luke and I hit up discount day at the Cinemark on Tuesday to see if it was as good as she said it was. Let's see...

An actual young Spiderman (not a 30 year old pretending to be in high school)
Did you know that Tom Holland is actually British and speaks with an American accent the entire movie? check it
High School was portrayed fairly accurately for once
The movie didn't explain the spider bite or make us sit through yet another version of Uncle Ben dying. Hallelujah!
The movie wasn't all about the girl and the girl wasn't super popular and going out with the super popular jock
An actual surprising plot twist there towards the end!
Ned was a pretty good sidekick (though he was a little too good at hacking...everything)
Enjoyed "Karen" and her plethora of suit customizations
The Asian kid in the bathroom scene with Happy and Peter. Priceless.
The preview for Jumanji actually kinda makes me want to see it
Luke did not have to go to the bathroom the entire time

About 30 minutes too long
Aunt May's high-waisted pants burned my retinas and her glasses made her look 112 years old
Not enough Captain America.  I like A LOT of Cap, ok?
Took me a while to buy Micheal Keaton as a bad guy because of the whole Batman thing
Fight scenes take too long and are always predictable (general action movie gripe, I guess)
Super weird trio of guys in the theater in front and to our left were kind of scaring me at the end

I asked Luke to contribute to this list and his only thought was that under "cons" I need to mention, "Happy was not very happy in this movie."  Excellent point, young boyface.  Overall I was really impressed with how good it was!  It was entertaining, light-hearted, and had some genuinely funny moments. The Avengers movies are fun, yet they are always facing some enormous threat on a global scale that affects all of humanity, which makes it feel kind of heavy at the same time.  This film gives us more of a 'slice of life' look at a kid trying to prove himself by beating his local bully. It wasn't perfect, but it was still excellent.   I give it four out of five lost backpacks.

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