Sunday, July 2, 2017

May the Forest Be With You

So while Luke and Jacob were here living it up having their supposed manly men parties, Cindy and I were out roughing it in the wilderness like actually manly men.  We spent the week at Flaming Arrow Scout Camp in Lake Wales for our YW Camp.  I admit that I was initially terrified of going to Flaming Arrow (and not the church ranch)- I have three brothers that have camped there and let's just say their experience was less than positive- but it turned out to be a pretty great week.  Though I do understand now exactly why they call it "Flaming" Arrow.  Pretty much anything on the surface of the sun catches fire, right?

Our theme this year was "Choose the Light" and went with a Star Wars theme.  So I guess you could say that this camp was kind of made for me.  I even got a sweet new Jedi patch for my camp hat...

This year I was assigned to help with the 4th year campers and they were awesome.  Pretty much drama-free and they got along great the entire week.  The real leader of this group was Allie, my partner in crime.  Couldn't have survived without her :)

And now it's time to see my very limited and very mediocre photos:

Here I am with a sweet gopher tortoise...

I never know what to do with my hands

These are my feet in a lake that totally has alligators in it...

Here I am the morning after I had to sleep in a tent that NEVER cooled down the entire night...

That is bacon on a stick, friends.  Be jealous.

Camp leaders 2017.  This was the dream team.  And not just because I was there.

I have to hand it to Cindy.  She slept without A/C in Florida in July for four straight nights and didn't try to escape and hitchhike home at any point.  She participated in the activities and had a good experience.  I was really proud of her.  Except for when we were taking this photo because the only reason she smiled so great is because the camp cook bribed her with cake.

You're mocking me, aren't you?

And here is a picture of rabbit that Cindy and I found at flag ceremony the last day of camp. Ironic because at this point I had already gotten a text from Jacob that Cindy's rabbit had run away the day before :( We still haven't found him.  Not sure if he will ever really return at this point, but you never know.

And now, the rest of my camp experience in convenient meme form:

Allie got approximately 1 million

They're lucky I'm great with a kayak and have phenomenal arm strength

Those fools!

It's always a little touch and go

No seriously, I slept in a tent

Always ask teenagers before you do anything.

Joke's on you, 4th years

Every single girl at camp.

I tried. I really, really tried.

We need more camp songs.

Oh, okay fine. I admit it. I like Young Women's camp.  The week is long and hot, but I always come away with a spiritual boost and a deeper appreciation for my own testimony.  Plus, Cindy was there and I guess it was okay to spend time with her.  Hey, I'm only giving her the level of compliment she would give me :)

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